¿Eres piloto de nuestra aerolínea?


¿Eres piloto de nuestra aerolínea?

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Callsign          Name                                               Status           Ivao

COL100           Juan Camilo Malaver

COL101           Carlos Ivan Rueda

COL102           Santiago Gutierrez

COL103           N.A

COL104           Anderson Tovar

COL105           Kevin Alejandro Mera

COL106           Santiago Mery Berrio

COL107           Gustavo Alfonso

COL108           N.A

COL109           N.A

COL110           Oscar Raigoza

COL111           Edmond Douglas Fortune

COL112           Santiago Arias Suarez

COL113           Juan Jose Sosa

COL114           N.A

COL115           N.A

Are you a pilot of our airline?


We are a virtual airline operated within the IVAO network, we are not related to any real airline. The pilots of the airline "Colombian Airlines" are dedicated to simulate as virtual pilots in regular flights, charters, events and tours. Colombian Airlines carries out commercial flights, which are applied for educational purposes and entertainment. Logos and images are created by the designers of the virtual airline, made for X-PLANE 11 - FSX - P3D.

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