1. Read the rules of the "Colombian Air" network.

2. Fill out the form that will be presented to you in the second step with correct, real and specific data. By completing step 2, we have a 24-hour deadline to answer the email.

3. In a message given by private, an interview with 5 precise questions will be scheduled with you. If you pass this test, continue with step 5.

4. Upon passing step 4, we will give you a web page and a password to perform in an exam with basic questions of aviation, phraseology, metaphor and problems that you have to solve in an estimated time of 20 minutes by limit. It consists of 10 questions which has to exceed 60%.

5. After the theoretical exam, you will have a practical exam at an airport in Colombia where you have to carry out frustrated approach, take off and landing processes successfully.

6. During the practical exam, all your performance will be confirmed and a very precise conclusion will be created. There you will be confirmed or denied your entry.

7. Upon confirmation, you will be given a callsign, an account in our ACARS and will be given a password to download all the necessary information for the airline.